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Teknovate CRM empowers your marketing, sales and services teams,
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leads to increase the sales with ease

Best Lead Management software - CRM Software for your Business

  • 36% Increase in Lead Conversion - Because of On-time and automated follow-up.

  • 32% Increase performance -  Because of automated planning and personalized task management.

  • 27x Increase Revenue - Because of the decrease in lead acquisition and conversion cost.


Some of Our Valuable Customers

We have 1000+ customers from all over the globe from all the industry verticals.

MJ Global
Amazon spices
Oliver rubber

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Case Study

How MJ Global has saved his marketing & operational cost by 32% ?

Mr. Ajay, CEO/Co-Founder MJ Global Consultancy Service

Segment: Immigration & visa consultation

Before Teknovate CRM:

Before engaging with our Lead management software they were facing following Problems

  • got leads from many sources in multiple platforms, so unable to manage leads.

  • Unable to track the progress of each lead.

  • Forget to follow up of many important leads.

  •  Process time to complete project was very long due to communication and tracking issue.

  • Unable to handle his sales and service teams.

  • Unable to track performance of his employees.

  • High cost of operation due to wastage of lots of time in manual operations.

Project Management

After Teknovate CRM:

After engaging with our Lead management software they got solution of his all the problems like,

  • Now he gets all his leads from all the sources to our Lead Management software automatically, so it saves time and ultimately cost.

  • Auto-assign and auto follow-up saves lots of time for his employee, so now they can manage plenty of leads with minimum employees and this decreased their operational cost.

  • Our Lead Management software Remind for each planned activity on time, so nobody forgets a single follow up, it increases their conversion ratio and decreases sales generation cost.

  • Project & Task Management helped them to track progress of each project and their task real-time.

  • Our Lead Management software assigns proper tasks on time with all the details, helping them to complete it on time to increase their productivity and reduce operation costs and increase profit.

Project Management

Sectors that Use Teknovate CRM To increase their revenue

Automobile Sector

Our Lead Management software helps the automobile industry to manage leads with follow-ups automation and ultimately sell more and save more.

Travels & Hospitality Industry

Best Lead Management software for small business like the hospitality industry to manage booking from different portals with best after-sales service to attract his customers.

Financial Service Sector

Our Lead Management software reduces paperwork for the finance industry by a single windows entry system and also automates many of his tasks to reduce their cost.

E-Commerce Sector

Lead Management System will increases sales by constant follow up of their every lead through marketing automation software  & reduce the cost of sales.

Service Business

The easiest Lead Management helps to synchronize sales and marketing process of the service industry and also manage their tickets for services to smoothen business

Manufacturing Industry

Cloud based Lead Management software manages the salesperson and sales team and auto-assign each lead to an appropriate salesperson to increase the speed of his follow-up.

Engineering Sector

Our Lead Management software auto-create all the leads generated from different b2b portals and other medium and also do automatic follow-up so they can generate sales even when they are sleeping

Chemical & Pharma Sector

Our Lead Management software can manage the pipeline of each salesperson and helps the pharma industry to track his salesperson and his visits with the history of each lead so plan a personalized strategy.

Real Estate Segment

Customer relationship Management System can manage and give detailed reports on the target of each salesperson and it can also manage agent and the commission to smoothen real estate business

10,000+ companies run Teknovate CRM to grow their businesses.

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