Best Solar EPC ERP Software

Solar EPC Project Management

Task Management software

Every project brings your team and your clients together to chat, share files, manage tasks, take notes, take payments and get work done.

Sales CRM (Lead Management & Order Processing)

Project Management

Sales CRM helps sales persons to plan, prioritize daily activities such as calls, follow-ups & Visits. He can create and send quotes, and convert them to the sales order.

  • Generate Lead Automatically.

  • Plan, Assign, Track Review - Calls, Tasks & Visits 

  • Create Quote against lead, mail to the client, and set auto follow-ups 

  • Create a sales order and invoice in a single click from the quotation 

  • Track the performance of each salesperson and sales team. 

EPC Projects Management Software

Project Management

Provides the perfect blend of features with time and task management at its core. Aligns teams to achieve results, under deadlines and without overshooting the budgets.

  • Auto Create Project from Sales order

  • Client wise project segregation

  • Unified project dashboard

  • Project-based teams

  • Project progress reports

  • Project-based expense monitoring

  • Project wise Cost & Revenue Reports

  • Project Tracking & Analysis

Task Management System

Task Management

Agile platform assisting in task tracking & assignment with due dates, detailed task histories with task priority, Task tracking, filters, and more. Provides a unified view of pending and completed tasks with its progress bar.

  • Auto-create Task & stages for new projects

  • Auto-create Task from Incoming Mail

  • Assign Task with Deadline, Planned hour

  • Track progress of each task in Percentage

  • Auto Create timesheet based on work on task

  • Customer portal to task tracking and communicate


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Reports & Analytics

Project Report

BI Tool allows you to access reports with real-time actionable insights into how projects are progressing and individual contribution towards each project.

  • Individual user reports

  • Project analytics

  • Cost & Revenue Analysis

  • Task time reports

  • Planned vs Achieved reports

Let's See Best EPC ERP Software Features

EPC Project Management

Create on-going projects which you are working on. Multiple Tasks can be added to these projects.

Auto-create Project from sales

Auto-create Project on confirming the sale of your service product

Auto-create stages and checklist

Based on the product you sell, auto-create multiple stages and various checklist need to be done before going to the next stage

Auto-Create task in Project

Set an alias on each project, so each mail sent on that alias will auto-create a task in a respected project

Manage Project with multiple stages

Manage the tasks of each project in different stages to Track properly.

Track Project & Task Progress

Get a clear overview of the project's progress in %. Know what needs to be done and when. And what has already been done till now.

Customer portal

your customer can track the progress of his project from his customer portal, and also they can chat, share the document in each task


Every member of your team can record the hours they spend on each project and based on that you can track the progress and cost of each project

Project wise Costing Report

Get the cost & Revenue report of each project by hours spent, expenses done and revenue generated from thi

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Sectors that uses Teknovate EPC Project Management Software to increase their revenue

EPC Business

Teknovate EPC Project Managing tools can Manage tasks and assign to concerned employees with a deadline for effective planning & management.

Solar EPC Industry

Project managing tools can Manage the task and calculate the cost of each project to generate exact cost & revenue reports.

 Maintenance Service Provider

Teknovate project managing tools Manage various projects of each and every client of the Visa Industry and also track the progress of their projects.

Legal Service Sector

For the Legal Service sector Teknovate Project tracking management helps to manage and track  the task so they can invoice their client based on hours spent.

Engineering Sector

In the Engineering sector, Teknovate Project tracking helps to Plan, and execute his task with sub-task so they can better manage with transparency.

Real Estate

In the real estate industry, They can plan their task against time and assign it to the concerned person so he can complete his project tracking in an allowed time limit.