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Teknovate sales CRM empowers your Marketing, Sales & Services teams to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle leads to increase the sales with minimum efforts.

Why your Business Needs CRM?

Lead Funnel
  1. Are you looking to INCREASE  Your Sales ?

  2. Do you want to Increase your Salesperson Productivity by 48% ?

  3. Do you want to beat your COMPETITORS to be the king of your market?    

Lead Management System (CRM)

Auto Capture Leads, Auto Assign, & Track Leads From Lead generation to closure 

Lead Funnel

Auto Capture all the Leads

Forward all leads from all lead sources like E-mail, website, & B2B portals to Teknovate CRM to manage them

Auto Distribution Leads

Auto Assign Leads to Appropriate Team and Salesperson based on product/location etc.

Personalized Sales Pipeline

Classify your leads in multiple stages so you can manage them easily & forecast the sales.

Planned Activity Notification

Personalized activity reminders do not allow to miss any follow-ups.

Personalized Activity Dashboard

Each salesperson can track and manage his pending activity from a single dashboard.

Sales, Calls & Visits Tracking

Get your Salesperson’s daily activity reports. Analyze performance based on his activity and sales he generated.

  Marketing Automation

Manage maximum Leads with minimum Salespeople by Auto Follow-ups through Email & SMS.

Lead Funnel

Primary Follow-ups of Leads

Auto Send Introductory & Thank you Mail & SMS on each Incoming Leads.

Continuously Auto Followup of Leads

Auto sends Salesperson information & Send Continues Email & SMS to the customer as Lead Progress.

Bulk Email & SMS Marketing

Classify your Customer/Leads & Send one tie Email/SMS Campaign.

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Increases your profit by 38% in just 3 Months !!!

36% Increase in Lead Conversion - By On-time & Automated follow-ups.

32% Increase in Performance -   By Auto lead capture & Activity reminder popups.

27x Increase in Revenue - By Decreasing Operation cost & Max. Lead Conversion.

Sales CRM

Increase Sales Efficiency & Productivity by managing all sales cycle

Lead Flow

Single Window Entry System

Easily Create Sales Orders, Invoice, and Payment Receipt in a Single Click from the Quotation by the sales CRM.

Quotation & Payment Auto Follow-up

Set Auto follow-ups of each quotation & Payment to increase the conversion ratio with minimum efforts.

Salesperson Performance Report

Track the Performance of SalesPerson & team to decrease your cost of sale by the sales CRM module.

Mobile CRM Software

Operate CRM from any corner of the world & remain connected with your work all the time.

Mobile CRM

Operate from Anywhere

Teknovate CRM App work from any corner of the world at any time.

Real-time Activity Reminder Popup

Get a Real-time Notification Popup of your every planned Activity

Speedup Follow-ups

Interact with your customers by mobile application through Call, Whatsapp, mail & SMS.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Analyze, Review & Improve Sales Performance by Dynamic, Flexible & Easy to Use Customized Reports

Sales Report

Sales Team Productivity Report

Get salesperson/team, Location, Product wise sales report to cross-sell and upsell your Products

Sales Forecast Report

Forecast the Sales based on the leads, it’s a stage and it’s expected closing dates

Powerful Reports Builder

customize your report based on your need and save it for future use.

Pre-configured, Customized CRM Software

for your Business

Manufacturing Industry
 Real-Estate Business
Trading & Export Business
Consulting Service Providers
Financial & Legal Service Provider
Tours and Travelers Business
Solar & EPC Business 
Startups & Small Business

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