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Odoo implementation is a very crucial process, So make sure you choose the right implementation partner

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Odoo Implementation Service

Odoo Implementation Service

ERP Software is the main pillar of the growth of any business in the current technological era, especially when you are scaling your business. and the success of your ERP Software will always depend on the expertise of your ERP Implementation partner.

Teknovative Solution is a highly skilled and Experienced Odoo Implementer. As Odoo Implementation is a very crucial process, you should always choose the right implementation partner who can ensure that the entire process of Odoo implementation remains smooth without affecting your business operations and you can get complete operation automation & tracking to get maximum return on your investment.

We at Teknovative solution will implement the Odoo ERP in your business in such a way that it will enhance the performance and productivity of your resources. We have expertise in Implementing Odoo ERP in industries like Trading, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, and Service Sectors. So we will understand the need of your niche easily with our 6+ Years of experience, and we will suggest the best solution so that you can easily get the best out of your business.

Odoo Implementation Key Features

Low-Cost Implementation

Configure Odoo with its standard features so that it will be pocket friendly as well as more reliable for the next updates standard

Standard Flow Setup

The business flow of the ERP must match with the actual process flow of the business for better acceptance from the users advanced

Advanced Optimisation

If the customization is needed to meet the need of the client the code should be optimized to avoid any conflicts

Minimum Development

Minimum Development is the sign of a good implementer who will save time & money with better stability

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We will implement Odoo successfully, so you can get the best out of your resources.

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Odoo Implementation Process

Step 1 : Define your Business Goal

The first step of ERP Implementation is to define your clear business goal with  so that we can provide you the best solution. Based on our expertise, we can also assist you to define your goal and prove the solution to achieve it.

Step 2: Allocate Budget

To Implement the ERP software, the client will allocate a Budget, and based on this budget we will suggest the best package which also meets the client's business goal.

Step 3 : Requirement Gathering

Once the budget is approved, our functional consultant will start gathering in-depth requirement so we can meet our business goal.

Step 4: Define the Implementation Process

After detailed analysis, we will define the process and milestones of the implementation so we as well as the client can track the process.

Step 4: Select the Best Hosting Plan

Based on all the previous data, we will suggest the best hosting plan so that you can achieve our target with minimum cost.

Step 5: Installation & Configuration

Once the hosting plan is selected, we will start the installation process of Odoo with the configuration & setup of all the modules based on your business flow.

Step 6 : Master Data Migration

After completion of setup, we will migrate your old data into odoo by CSV/xls file. for this, we will also help you to create the file for easy and smooth migration

Step 7: Testing & Pilot Session

Once our ERP is ready to start we will do a pilot session with the client where we will check the complete flow by running each operation with dummy data, so we can fix the flow.

Step 8: Training

After a successful Pilot session, we will do a live training session with the employees of each department, so they can start using the Odoo ERP software.

Step 9: Go Live

Post Training, we will start using the Odoo ERP for your each and every live operation of your business.

Step 10: After Live Support

Even after training, there are many points where your employees will need our support to get 100% aware of each corner of the software. and we will be there with you so we can totally rely on odoo ERP from now onwards.

Step 11: Maintenance

We will also maintain the software to avoid any technical and functional issues. You can smoothly use the odoo ERP and focus on the core operation of your business.

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Why choose Teknovative Solution for Odoo Implementation?

Odoo Implementation
  • A team of consultants having 6+ years of delivering value-added Odoo consulting services.
  • Diversified industrial domain expertise for Odoo Consulting services.
  • We have saved thousands of hours of development costs through our keen consulting services.
  • Kind and humble Odoo expert consultants listen carefully and give an absolute solution for your special business process.  
  • Our Odoo Consultants are Specialist In All Versions, and have expertise In All Odoo Modules, Both Technically And Functionally.
  • Delivered 100k+ hours of best-quality consulting services to our clients.
  • 500+ Happy Clients from All Over The World

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