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What is Odoo ERP System?

Odoo is an open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite that offers a comprehensive set of business applications, including CRM, e-commerce, sales, project management, accounting, inventory management, purchase, manufacturing, quality control, and more. It was previously known as OpenERP and was rebranded as Odoo in 2014.

Odoo offers a modular approach to implementing ERP systems, where users can choose and customize the modules that best fit their business needs. The platform is highly customizable, which means it can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of a particular organization.

Odoo's core features include a user-friendly interface, powerful customization capabilities, and a vast library of third-party apps and plugins. It also provides businesses with the ability to automate and streamline their operations, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction. Odoo is available in both cloud-based and on-premise deployment models, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

What Makes Odoo ERP Stand Out from Its Competitors?

Odoo is an open-source business management ERP considered as one of the most advanced and reliable tools for managing business operations. Here are certain aspects of the Odoo platform which make it stand out:

 A dedicated Odoo community to support the platform for its users.

 No vendor lock on the software

 34,000+ supporting add-ons available from the Odoo apps store

 Proven ERP with more than 7 Million users

 Wide range of business management features

odoo ERP software

Why Choose Odoo ERP?

The answer is why not? Odoo ERP takes a specialized modular approach to business operations, with application-specific modules that are operationally interdependent to provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective business operations and management. Moreover, the Odoo ERP platform takes a centralized approach to efficiently manage a company's retail, wholesale, and e-commerce activities through a central inventory management system. In addition, a central database stores all company information, which makes it possible to efficiently carry out information exchange and communication inside and outside the company.

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Odoo comparison with other ERP systems

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 Lower Costs Than A Standard ERP:

Odoo is an open-source ERP system and requires a lower investment than a traditional ERP system.

 Easier & Faster to Deploy:

Odoo is faster to deploy than a traditional ERP system, similar to individual business apps.

 A Vast Library of Apps and Plugins:

Odoo has a vast library of third-party apps and plugins that can be easily integrated into the system, giving users access to a wide range of functionality.

 User-friendly Interface:

Odoo has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Odoo ERP software, Odoo ERP system, odoo CRM, odoo developer, odoo apps, odoo manufacturing, odoo erp development, odoo erp implementation,odoo erp in india,odoo partner,odoo, odoo implementation, odoo service provider in rajkot, what is odoo used for, odoo solution provider, odoo software features,  what is odoo software used for,  odoo erp for industries, odoo erp system features, odoo erp solutions

Odoo ERP Modules

Every module in the Odoo ERP serves specific functions and they integrally work to achieve the business goal

odoo software features

Website in Odoo ERP

A business website can be one of the best business platforms to showcase your business performance. Odoo website module combined with Odoo Website Builder and Admin aspect will help to create a business website, design it, get it operational, and manage the functionality of the module. The eCommerce aspect of Odoo through the website module.

odoo software features

E-commerce in Odoo ERP

Online business platforms have become one of the most important areas of business today. The Odoo e-commerce management aspect is described in the website module, which allows you to describe the e-commerce platform, sell products through it, and manage operations using the various tools features, and operating options available.

odoo software features

POS in Odoo ERP

The Odoo Point of Sale module of the Odoo platform will provide you with a retail sales management tool that will work at the store counter and enable direct billing. Additionally, you can use this module to set a bar or restaurant to work in a live environment and manage its functions.

odoo software features

Social Marketing in Odoo

In the age of social media platforms as business-building tools, the dynamism of social media marketing is inevitable. Odoo ERP has a social marketing module which can be one of the useful tools for managing your company's social media marketing operations.

odoo software features

CRM in Odoo ERP

Customer relationship management plays an important role in running a business, which is why Odoo has a designated module to perform it. Using the CRM module, you can generate leads, nurture them, follow them through different campaigns, manage them, and acquire opportunities using the options available in the module. Additionally, there are pilot options that can be incorporated into the company's marketing operations.

odoo software features

Sales in Odoo ERP

The Odoo Sales module will oversee all sales operations of the company including sending quotes, sales operations, describing products to customers, etc. The module integrates directly with the company's e-commerce and point-of-sale operations, as well as with the invoicing, accounting, inventory, and purchasing modules of Odoo ERP.

odoo erp system features

Accounting in Odoo ERP

Odoo's accounting module will serve as a tool for the overall management of the financial aspects of your business. The Accounting module integrates directly with the Invoicing, Sales, Purchasing, and all other support operations modules of Odoo and will allow it to describe taxes, payment methods, and options, define various payment acquisitions, manage the parameters of the exercise, and the financial management of the company concerned.

odoo erp system features

Invoicing in Odoo ERP

The Invoicing module of the Odoo platform manages the invoicing aspect of sales operations carried out on products and services. This module integrates directly with accounting, sales, e-commerce, point of sale, field service, and all other support operations. The invoicing module allows you to manage all aspects of your company's industry-standard invoice generation, assign generated invoices, payment options, and many other customizable features.

odoo erp system features

Inventory in Odoo ERP

With the help of the Odoo ERP Inventory Management Module, all product movement operations related to company sourcing, sales, e-commerce, retail, and wholesale operations can be well described and managed. In addition, centralized management will help keep the company's inventory running smoothly.

odoo erp system features

Manufacturing in Odoo ERP

The Odoo Manufacturing module will provide you with comprehensive management tools for your company's manufacturing operations. The Odoo ERPs Manufacturing module will be a reliable tool with features like a description of subcontractor operations, management of work progress, the definition of work centers, and control of work center operations.

odoo erp system features

Maintenance in Odoo

The Odoo Maintenance module allows you to set up preventive and predictive maintenance on the equipment and machines used in your company's operations. In addition, the module will be a useful tool in the operations of the company thanks to the possibility of defining maintenance cycles and types of maintenance.

odoo erp system features

Quality in Odoo ERP

Managing the quality of the company's products and services will be one of the important aspects of the company's future development. This module allows you to set up various quality control actions based on business requirements, define the content and define pass and fail percentages.

odoo erp system features

Purchase in Odoo ERP

The company's purchasing management operations in Odoo ERP can be managed through the platform's procurement module. Modules that integrate directly with your company's inventory and sales operations in Odoo will provide you with various features such as automatic ordering, setting delivery times, land costs, etc. which will be useful for the real-time operations of your business.

odoo erp system features

Helpdesk in Odoo ERP

With the Odoo ERP helpdesk module, we can manage the customer service aspect of our company's helplines and toll-free numbers. Staff can be assigned to different customer calls based on product, region, and operating model.

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Marketing Automation in Odoo ERP

The Marketing Automation module of Odoo ERP is a tool for automating the marketing and promotional operations of a company. With direct interconnections to aspects of social media marketing, email marketing, and SMS marketing, marketing automation can outline campaigns to be executed within a set, fixed time frame.

odoo erp solutions

Email Marketing in Odoo

Odoo ERP's email marketing tool will help you generate automated marketing emails that can be sent for the lead generation aspect of your CRM. Additionally, it can be used primarily as a promotional and marketing opt-out to a large number of recipients and can be sent in batches.

odoo erp solutions

Subscriptions in Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP has a Subscription module that helps you in the sale operation of your company's subscription products. Moreover, here you can set up a subscription product and set different subscription operations according to your business, which can be sold online through the company website or e-commerce platform.

odoo erp solutions

Project in Odoo ERP

A company will have several operational projects, clearly defined using the Odoo Projects module, which will serve as support to create new projects and manage existing ones. Moreover, the project module is directly integrated with every operation management module of Odoo ERP, which will become an excellent project operation management application for the company.

odoo erp solutions

Recruitment in Odoo ERP

Managing your company's recruitment operations can become a daunting task. However, with the Odoo Recruiting module, you can effectively manage your company's online and offline recruitment operations. With functional options to post job vacancies online and via various social media platforms, the Odoo ERP Recruitment module will become a reliable tool for companies in their recruitment activity.

odoo erp solutions

Timesheets in Odoo ERP

The Timesheet module will help you define employee activities based on the time spent on each assigned task. Additionally, it can be used to define the completion aspects of each employee's tasks. The latest version of the Odoo platform, Odoo 14, offers a timesheet module, now considered an essential aspect of business operations.

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Attendances in Odoo ERP

Makes check in and check out of work easy on Odoo 16 attendance module. This is located on Dashboared and you can use it easily. Employees login information is located and stored on odoo database. Odoo software will easily recognize and direct it to their appropriate Check-in-page.

Time Off in Odoo ERP

If not managed well, it will be more difficult for employees to take time off. Odoo ERP has a left module that will serve as a leave management tool for company operations. Feature option with Approval module to request leave and interconnection will allow employee leave management operations to work efficiently with Odoo leave module.

odoo erp solutions

Expenses in Odoo ERP

Company expense management operations for employees can be configured and managed in Odoo ERP using the platform cost module. In this module, employees can define various expenses related to company operations and can opt for direct reimbursement or payroll reimbursement for parts provided by the employee on behalf of the company.

odoo erp solutions

Appraisal in Odoo ERP

Today, a company's assessment business is larallow your employeesgely unable to operate through proper operational channels. The Odoo ERP Valuation module will provide a customizable format for the expert operation according to your company's specifications. Additionally, employees have the option to request a manager evaluation using this module.

what is odoo software used for

Documents in Odoo ERP

The Documentation module of Odoo ERP will be a reliable and complementary tool in your company's efforts toward materialization. All company documents such as invoices, purchase orders, quotes, licenses, employee documents, and many more can be well stored and easily managed in this documents module.

what is odoo software used for

Appointments in Odoo

In this busy world, the need to schedule appointments can be very beneficial to a service-based business. With the Odoo Appointments module, you can book appointments online or offline through your company website and efficiently manage the available staff and the duration of each person.

what is odoo software used for

Approvals in Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP's Approval Management module will allow your employees to request approval aspects of various internal operations. These approvals can be granted by the managers. Additionally, you can describe different approval types and generate requests based on them.

what is odoo software used for

Employee Referral in ERP

The employee referral module of Odoo ERP will help you to refer your relatives to the different vacancies in your company. Additionally, when referring employees earn karma points that can be redeemed for gifts at the store, applications can be submitted online through social media platforms or via email.

what is odoo software used for

Planning in Odoo ERP

The planning module of Odoo ERP will be a beneficial tool in business operations and help you plan various activities based on business operations. You can define projects, schedule tasks and assign them to the different employees available in the company.

what is odoo software used for

Sign in Odoo ERP

A module of Odoo ERP that helps your business advance green initiatives to eliminate paper and reduce paper waste and the use of hard copies. Additionally, you can create a digital signature, which can be described in a digital document displayed on the platform.

odoo software features

e-Learning in Odoo ERP

Today, various aspects of e-learning have modernized the education sector, and with Odoo ERP e-learning modules, you can set various courses and add certification programs on various subjects.

odoo software features

Internet of Things in Odoo ​ERP

Today, IoT devices are already beginning to automate and simplify the operational aspects of how businesses operate. Odoo ERP will directly integrate with various IoT devices using the IoT module.

odoo software features

Rental in Odoo ERP

The rental module of Odoo ERP can be used to manage a company's production operations. The functionality of registering online reservations, billing customers based on days and usage, and efficient management of available products and acquired orders will be done through this module.

odoo software features

Events in Odoo ERP

Every company must have corporate and internal events for every aspect of celebrations or formal meetings. The Odoo ERP Event Management module will act as a suitable management tool to effectively manage company events. Additionally, this module will simplify all aspects of corporate events with the ability to generate tickets and online registrations through the corporate website.

odoo software features

Product Life Cycle Management in Odoo ERP

The product lifecycle management module of Odoo ERP will provide communication efficiencies from the business side between different departments of the operation. Also, it will act as a middleman for him instead of using other apps so that the company data is safe.

odoo software features

Studio in Odoo ERP

The studio module of the Odoo platform will be one of the customizable tools of the platform. Thanks to this module, you can create applications, modify existing applications and configure them according to your company's operations, without interrupting the standardized functionalities of Odoo ERP.

odoo software features

Consolidation in Odoo

The accounting aspect of the company can be consolidated based on the various reports on the different rates of the currency in a multi-company setup.

odoo software features

Field Service in Odoo

Operations on the field service side of a company can be well managed with the Odoo Field Service module. Here you can define different on-site tasks for your employees, and invoice your customers according to the schedule and the products used.

And 34,000+ Apps  

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Business Industries in Odoo

Each module performs certain functions which are interlinked with each other.

what is odoo software used for


what is odoo software used for


what is odoo software used for

Real Estate

what is odoo software used for


odoo erp for industries


odoo erp for industries

E-commerce & Website

odoo erp for industries

Tours Travels

odoo erp for industries


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