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Auto Generate and Track Ticket

Auto Generate and Track Ticket


Users can submit tickets through the website, that will auto-create ticket by our helpdesk CRM software


Emails submitted by users are directly converted into tickets. Each of your support team can use a separate email. by helpdesk CRM

Customer Notification

On creation of support ticket, the customer will auto notified his ticket number with support executive details by mail & SMS with our help desk software.

Customer Interaction

The customer can track the progress of his ticket & he can even interact with his support person directly through Teknovate Helpdesk software.

Ticket Management System

Ticket Management

Assign support person

Assign an appropriate support person to each ticket, and that person gets notified through the mail by the online ticketing system with the helpdesk CRM

Work together as a team effectively

Add followers to get help from other team members to solve the issue of your client as soon as possible. So now all the followers can communicate and solve this issue.

Track Ticket Progress

Manage several stages of the ticket, and a one-click move from one stage to another helps you to track the progress of each ticket.

Prioritize Tickets

Set Priority as well as Deadline to complete the work on each ticket, so the service person can plan his work and finish all tasks on time.

Increase Team’s Performance

Increase Team’s Performance

Auto Assign Ticket

Automatically assign tickets to the service person based on several parameters so the best person can serve your customer.

Personalized ticket dashboard

Each service person can get his own tickets, with its stage, deadline, and priority so he can plan his work accordingly.

Time Tracking

Track time consumed in each task, and also maintain a timesheet to track his own performance.

Automatic Email Notification

Teknovate Helpdesk will auto-send mail on each stage change and on completion of the ticket so customers can be aware of the progress of their ticket.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytic & Reporting


Personalized Dashboard for each service team and service person where they can get and analyze his own tickets and plan his work.

Task Analytics & Reports

Generate lots of reports to analyze average service ticket completion time, employee workload, etc.

Track Performance

Generate employee wise service report with average completion time to track his performance by Best Aftersales service software.

Customer satisfaction ratings

Customers can give ratings on the completion of tasks which helps you to analyze customer satisfaction & improve service by Teknovate Helpdesk.

Sectors that uses Teknovate Helpdesk software - Best Complaint Management Software

Automobile Industry

Best Aftersales service software handle efficiently complete service management from ticket generation to service completion with advance online ticketing system.

Travels & Hospitality Industry

Customer satisfaction is the key for the Hospitality industry, so the best after-sales service software help to improve service & customer satisfaction to improve their business.

Financial Service Sector

Customers can create their service ticket, track the progress, and respond immediately to get a unique personalized experience in the finance service sector and improve their business.

Startup Businesses

In this competitive market Service is the key to success, which can be improved with the best after-sales service software so the startup business attracts more customers.

IT Sector

Customers can create tickets & easily interact with the developer to increase the speed of development. it reduces cost & increase customer satisfaction with best after-sales service software.  

FMCG Sector

Teknovate Helpdesk CRM helps to manage the ticket and assign it to the appropriate person, so it can be resolved as early as possible. & also generate reports to analyze performance.

Engineering Sector

By Teknovate Helpdesk CRM software, user can add follower from his team member, and they can cumulatively resolve the ticket and increase the productivity of the team and each service person.

Electric & Electronics Industry

Teknovate Helpdesk CRM software helps to manage service team & service person, each person can get his pending task with a deadline so he can plan his work accordingly to improve performance.

Other Service Business

Teknovate Helpdesk CRM is the best service ticket management software, which can help all the service industry to manage their service ticket & Employees effectively and increase the profit.