Teknovative Solution has phenomenal experience in providing Odoo consulting services to various clients.

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Teknovative Solution - The Best Odoo Consul​tat​ion Service Provider in India

We, at Teknovative Solution, follow a comprehensive approach to serve you with our expertise in odoo consulting after analyzing your Business process flow, and your requirements with your key objectives. So that you can efficiently implement the Odoo ERP and other Odoo Software into your business and we can ensure that no stone is lefts unturned in their requisite specification and requirements.

Our Odoo Functional Consultants communicate with clients to understand the plan and the vision of their organization and how they want to shape it in the future. After understanding all the aspects as well as the pain points of their business carefully, we provide the best quality Odoo ERP consulting services that can aid their organizations to grow and leverage the best of Odoo ERP.

In the Current Era, technology is constantly updating, and with time Odoo ERP is also constantly updating every year. So for any Business owners, it is often a challenge to remain updated with the technology in to their business to remain updated and latest, so they can chase the competition and win the game.

Here we can help you with our expertise. Our Experienced Odoo ERP Consultant will help you to set up the flow of the Odoo ERP as per your business flow, and define the KPI Parameters as well as the Reporting so you can easily make your business operations on auto-pilot mode and make it transparent.

Odoo Technical Consulting

Odoo Technical Consulting

We have a Highly experienced technical consultant, who has in-depth knowledge about the implementation and customization of the Odoo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). So they will help to develop your additional functionality within the odoo that matches with the existing flow and functionality of odoo.

Odoo is a suite of open-source business applications that includes modules for accounting, inventory management, sales, purchasing, Manufacturing, project management, and more. By this, we can try to fulfill all your requirements within odoo, and you can efficiently use the Odoo ERP in your business which can be the prominent reason for your Growth.


Odoo Functional Consulting

Odoo Functional Consulting

With 6+ Years of experience, our odoo Functional consultant will analyze your business process in depth and configure odoo ERP with the same flow which results in maximum acceptance from your users and results in  100% Success in implementation.

Our Odoo Functional consultant will also find the gap between existing Odoo functionality and your requirements. based on this he will assist the technical consultant to develop and fulfill your need in Odoo by additional development.

Odoo consulting is an Odoo Software Services company specialize in Integrating and customizing Odoo ERP software. We provide migration services, Odoo customization/ Odoo integration setup and project management solutions as per your needs. Odoo developer, Odoo implementation and odoo development odoo ERP software.odoo consulting services, odoo consultant, odoo consulting service provider in rajkot, odoo consultancy services near me, odoo erp consultant

Benefits of Consulting​

There are several benefits to doing Odoo Technical Consulting from Teknovative Solution, including:

1. Expertise:  Teknovative Solution have a team of technical consultants who have extensive experience and expertise in implementing and customizing the Odoo ERP software. We have in-depth knowledge of the Odoo ERP software and we can provide valuable insights and solutions to clients.

2. Comprehensive Solutions:  Teknovative Solution offer a range of services, including implementation, customization, integration, data migration, performance optimization, training, and support. This provides clients with a comprehensive solution that meets all their requirements.

3. Timely Delivery:  Teknovative Solution have a structured project management process that ensures timely delivery of projects. We work closely with clients to understand client's requirements and develop a customized solution within the specified time frame.

4. Cost-effective: Teknovative Solution offer cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of a business. We work within the client's budget to provide a solution that provides maximum value for money.

5. Ongoing support: Teknovative Solution provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that the Odoo system runs smoothly. We offer regular updates and upgrades to keep the system up-to-date and secure.

6. Relationship:  Teknovative Solution establish a long-term relationship with their clients, working closely with them to understand their evolving requirements and providing customized solutions that meet their changing needs.

Overall, doing Odoo Technical Consulting from Teknovative Solution offers several benefits, including expertise, comprehensive solutions, timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, ongoing support, and relationship. This ensures that businesses can maximize the benefits of the Odoo ERP software and achieve their business goals.

We are the Best Odoo Consultant in India (Odoo Technical Consultant in India, Odoo Functional Consultant in India)  

Save You Time & Money

Our odoo ERP consultant can assure you to implement odoo successfully with minimum development by proper configuration of odoo as per your business flow. 

So that we can maximize utilizing the standard flow and functionalities of odoo.

Plan Your Future

In managing daily operations, many times we forgot to focus on the long-term goals of our business.

As an ERP consultants, we can help you to create strategies for expansion and growth so you can focus on the future.

Take the Right Decision at the Right Time

We helps you in developing the strategies as per the current era and also  helps you to initiate that immediately to maximize your opportunities and convert them into sudden growth.

Our Odoo Consulting Methodology  


Understand your In-depth Business flow and requirements and plan for the best way to implementation


Identify the gap, & do the customization to develop the missing functionality for your success


Define the strategy based on your business goal, so we can help you to achieve it with the help of odoo


Properly Configure Odoo ERP as per your business flow, so your users can directly relate to it and accept it


Once we finish Odoo Training for all your users, they may need our support to assist them whenever they get sucked.

50 Lakhs users use Odoo ERP for their Business Success...! 

And You ...?



Why Choose Teknovative Solution for Odoo Consultancy?​ 

 A team of consultants having 6+ years of delivering value-added Odoo consulting services.

  Diversified industrial domain expertise for Odoo Consulting services.

 We have saved thousands of hours of development costs  through our keen consulting services.

 Kind and humble Odoo expert consultants listen carefully and give an absolute solution for your special business process.  

 Our Odoo Consultants are Specialist In All Versions , and have expertise In All Odoo Modules, Both Technically And Functionally.

 Delivered 100k+ hours of best-quality consulting services to our clients.

  500+ Happy Clients from All Over The World .

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