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Odoo Integration

Let's manage your business with just a single APP - Odoo

Odoo is an Open source ERP platform. Leveraging, its open-source functionality, we are able to connect Odoo with various third-party software so that customer who is using Odoo ERP, can get a complete Business management system where they can track and manage each and every corner of their business through just one platform without any limitations.

Teknovative solution will integrate multiple applications with Odoo by developing connectors so you can connect your social media, payment gateway, IVR, e-commerce website, etc with Odoo and it will share the required information from one application to another and smoothly run your business without any manual entries. so it will increase your productivity and ultimately profit.

Perks of Odoo Integration   

Highly Customizable

Odoo is highly customizable so you can expand its functionality by  integrations

Completely Moduler

The structure of Odoo is modular, so by simply installing a new module, we can add new functionality. 

Technologically Advance

Odoo is highly advance technologically, so we can take the advantage of this, and upgrade it to any extent. 

User Friendly

Odoo is very user-friendly, so users will love to use this software. this will push us to expand its horizon.

Odoo Integration Service We Offer

Odoo E-Commerce Integration

Connect your E-commerce website with odoo and auto-create products, orders in odoo automatically

Odoo Accounting Integration

Connect your accounting software with Odoo & avoid duplicate entries of the invoice, payment, etc. in accounting software

Odoo Logistics Integration

Connect your logistic partner apps like DHL, FedEx etc. and track your delivery easily

Odoo Social Integration

Fetch leads generated from Facebook, Instagram, etc. into Odoo CRM and convert them into sales easily

Odoo IVR Integration

Integrate your IVR Panel with Odoo to do the calls directly from Odoo and get all reports

Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Connect Payment gateways like PayPal, PayUMoney, etc., and track payments received from Odoo itself.

Let's Improve your Business

By connecting all your apps with Odoo so you can manage them from just a single APP.

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Why choose Teknovative Solution for Odoo Integration?

Odoo Integration

Teknovative solution is the best odoo integration service provider has Overall 6+ years of experience in delivering value-added Odoo Development & Integration services. We have extensive knowledge in providing Odoo Integration services. We have developed more than 500+ customized modules across diversified industries for more than 250+ clients from all over the world.

Our Odoo Developers are Specialist In All Versions, and have expertise In All Odoo Modules, Both Technically And Functionally. So we can provide the best Odoo Integration services by developing a customized module that does not affect the standard functionality of Odoo. we are consistently working to deliver the best Odoo Integration solution with the highest customer satisfaction.

Teknovative solution is the best Odoo integration service provider in India

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