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  • SAVE EFFORTS &  TIME   to collect leads manually from all your leads sources.

  • INCREASE TRACKBILITY   of each lead and salesperson by Live Reporting Tool.

  • NEVER LOSE ANY CUSTOMER  by Scheduled Activity Notification & Automated follow-ups.

  • BEAT YOUR COMPETITOR   and win the customers by immediate automated response. 

  • ANALISE & IMPROVE  your Busi ness, by Live Owner Analysis Dashboard.

  • AVOID PAYMENT SHORTAGE,  by Auto Payment Follow-ups.

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Sectors that Using Teknovate CRM - Best CRM Software

To increase their revenue

Automobile Sector CRM

An automobile CRM solution helps to Auto Capture & manage all the sources leads with follow-ups automation and ultimately sell more and save more.

Travels & Hospitality CRM

Travels & Hospitality CRM helps in manage booking from different online portals with the best aftersales service to attract his customers.

Financial Service CRM

Financial Service CRM will reduce lots of paperwork by a single windows entry system and also automates many of his tasks to reduce their cost.

Best Startup CRM

Best  CRM Software for startups will increases sales by constant follow-up of their every lead through marketing automation software  & reduce the cost of sales.

Service Business CRM

Customer relationship management helps to synchronize the sales and marketing process of the service industry and also manage their tickets.

Manufacturing Industry CRM

The Manufacturing CRM manages the salesperson & sales team and auto-assign each lead to an appropriate salesperson to increase the speed of his follow-up.

Engineering Business CRM

Engineering Business CRM auto-capture all the leads from different b2b portals & other medium and also do automatic follow-up so they can generate sales even when they are sleeping

Chemical & Pharma CRM

Chemical & Pharma CRM can manage the pipeline of each salesperson & help the pharma industry to track salesperson & visits with the history of each lead so plan a personalized strategy.

Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM can manage and give detailed reports on the target of each salesperson and it can also manage agent and the commission to smoothen business of the real estate industry

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