Standardization is the key Medicine to low productivity & Profitability

We make work better by bringing all the pieces together and keep it on automation mode so that we can get things done on time with low cost

CRM and Order Processing

CRM and Order Processing

Lead Management

Auto-create leads, assign, auto followup & manage it with stages .

Quotation with Auto Followup

Create professional quote in single click, & with auto followup sale more

Create professional quote in a single click, & with auto followup sale more

Manage product wise, customer wise pricing and discount

Sales promotional scheme

Manage your multiple promotional schemes while creating a sales order

Single window entry system

Auto-create sales order & invoice from the quote in a single click to avoid duplication of work

Advanced Reporting

create more than 200 reports in multiple format like pivot, graph, etc to track and analyze your business

Purchase Management

Purchase Management

Request for Quote

Create and send a request for quote to your vendor

Quote comparison

Compare multiple quotes to get the best deal, and reduce your purchase cost

Manage & Plan Pending Receipt

Get all pending receipt in a single dashboard, with multiple filter facility

Purchase Planning Automation

Auto Create PO through routing from minimum quantity rule & sales to avoid stock availability issue


Allow your vendor to directly dispatch at your customer location to reduce cost

Supplier evaluation

Evaluate your supplier with various parameter, helps you to take better decision on time

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Multi-Warehouse & Multi-Location

Manage all inventory moves of Multiple warehouses from multi-location through a single dashboard

Barcode support

Manage all your transaction with the barcode to avoid mistake and increase the speed of operation

Lot & Serial number tracking

Track your products with a lot and serial number to increase trackability

Stock forecasting

Auto-generate forecasted stock based on pending receipt & dispatch, helps you to plan your purchase & sale.

Stock Costing and Valuation

Auto calculate stock costing with landed cost and generate stock valuation report

Interactive Dashboard

Track & Manage all Inventory moves like Receipt, Internal move, and Dispatch from a single dashboard with multiple filter facilities.

Reordering rules

Set minimum and maximum quantity of each product to automate your planning through reordering rules.

Auto Inventory Planning based on Route.

Auto Create PO through routing from minimum quantity rule & sales to avoid stock availability issue

Finance Management

Finance Management

Auto Payment Follow up

Set Auto Follow Up for your due payments to manage your cash flow with ease


Manage multiple currencies with auto currency conversion facility

Automatic Tax Calculations

Calculate sales and purchase tax automatically from your transaction

Interactive Dashboard

Manage your complete finance like pending payment to do & to receive, bank & cash balance, etc from a single dashboard.

Analytic Accounting & Cost Center Management

Manage different cost center and get analytic accounting reports

Multi-Dimensional Accounting Reporting

Get real-time accounting reports in multiple formats for 360° analysis of your business

Analysis & Reporting

Analysis & Reporting

User wise Personalised Dashboard

Each user can create his own personalized report based on his requirement and role to perform better

Department wise Dashboard

Each department has its own interactive dashboard to get the most information from a single point

Business Intelligence Tool

Customized reporting tools will generate lots of reports to keep you aware of each corner of your business.

Alerts and Notifications

System will generate alerts for your pending task, so you can complete it on time.

Multi-Dimensional Reporting

System will generate multiple reports in multiple formats like pivot, column, pie graph, etc for better analysis

Workflow Management

Automate and manage the workflow of your business with routes to reduce your process time and cost.

Sectors that uses Teknovate ERP to increase their revenue

Automobile Business

Inventory Management is the major issue in Automobile industry, with Teknovate ERP, they can effectively manage his inventory and decrease complexity.

Electronic Sector

Teknovate ERP is the best ERP software to manage all the department like sales, purchase, warehouse etc and make business management easy and profitable. 

Machine & Tools Trading

Teknovate ERP is a cloud based multi user software, so Machine & tools trading business can centrally access data of each department and increase the productivity.

Import & Export Business

Teknovate ERP helps Import & Export business to create professional documents like Quotation, Pro-forma, invoice, etc in a single click, to increase their productivity.

Agriculture Sector

Teknovate ERP also helps to Manage cash flow of Agriculture sector by reminding each pending bill, and also sending auto follow-up mail to increase collection without efforts

FMCG Sector

Teknovate ERP is the best ERP system for FMCG Sector because it helps to manage his order with pending deliveries, with schedule date. they can also plan their purchase based on order.

Engineering Sector

Teknovate ERP can helps to integrate all the departments and track each process so they can take right decision on right time to improve the business

Chemical & Pharma Sector

Teknovate ERP System is the best tool to manage the complexity of chemical and pharma sector, so they can easily manage the business with transparency. 

Solar Industry

Teknovate ERP software helps solar industry to automate his many task like marketing & sales, purchase, etc to increase the productivity and profitability.