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Convert the leads Effectively with the help of Latest Technology to get Maximum sales with Minimum efforts.

How Solar CRM Software helps to Improve Sales for Solar & EPC Business !!!

Why Solar CRM Software?

The solar industry is booming nowadays, and therefore day by day many people are added to this business to capture the market, which increases the competition in the market.

This is the right time to do something which your competitors do not do. You need technology to increase the speed of your follow-up, automate the marketing, and increase the rate of conversion. And this is not possible without Good CRM Software. 

Do you want to increase your lead Conversation ratio & Ultimately your sales?

Lead Management in Solar CRM Software

Auto Capture Leads

Solar CRM Software will Capture all the leads of yours from all major platforms of yours from where you generate the leads like Facebook, IndiaMART, TradeIndia, etc. so all the leads are in a single platform now, and it will ease the lead management for you.

Auto-Assign leads to a Salesperson

Solar CRM Software will Automatically assign your each leads to the concerned person by round-robin method or by some logical route based on your team structure
i.e. geography-based classification: where if lead generated from Maharashtra, it will assign to salesperson A. and
lead from Haryana, it will assign to salesperson B.

Schedule Follow-Ups

Your each salesperson is able to see all his assigned leads in his sales pipeline, and he can plan his follow-up against each lead with date and time. He can also set reminders in software as well as in SMS and Email.

Never forgot any follow-ups

Solar CRM Software will give you live notification for each and every planned activity in software, as well as Mobile Application, and SMS as well as in email, which never allows you to forget any follow-ups of yours. Which will ultimately increase the sales conversion ratio.

Classify leads in different stages

Solar CRM Software, you can create all your pre-sales stages like,

                ◼️ New Leads
                ◼️ Qualified Leads
                ◼️ Site-visit Planned
                ◼️ Site-visit Completed
                ◼️ Quotation Sent
                ◼️ On-Hold
                ◼️ Won

It will help you to classify your leads and manage your sales pipeline, and you can efficiently track each lead by its stages.

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Automate follow-ups by Marketing Automation

Solar CRM Software, you can also set Automatic Follow-ups by the Marketing Automation system. In marketing Automation, there are endless possibilities by which you can set your automated follow-ups through SMS and email. Let’s see some of the possibilities ...

◼️ On the Generation of each New Lead, Solar CRM Software will Automatically send an Introduction SMS/Email to the Customer.

◼️ When the Lead is Assigned to the Salesperson, CRM Software will send the contact information of your salesperson to the Customer.

◼️ On change of each stage, you can set the Appropriate SMS/Email template to be sent to the customer, So it will make your relation more stronger with the customer, and increase the trust and conversion ratio without the efforts of your salesperson  

Track history of each lead

Solar CRM will record your each and every activities and follow-up you have performed in your each and every lead with the response you have got from the customer as well. 

So before you do your next activity/call, you can see the history and his response you got in your last follow-ups, and based on that you can perform your next activity/call in a better way and increase the chances to convert the lead into a sale.

Live Advance Reporting

In Solar CRM Software, you can generate unlimited reports. Which will help you to analyze and improve your lead generation and sales process. Following are the examples of some of the reports you can get from Solar CRM Software.

◼️  Salesperson wise Activity Report.

◼️ Salesperson / Sales Team-wise Revenue Report.

◼️ Reason wise lead lost Report

◼️ City / State / Area wise Sales Report 

◼️ Source wise Lead Generation Report (i.e. Facebook, Website, B2B Portal)

◼️ Source wise Revenue Generation Report

     And Many Many More Reports


Solar CRM Software is the need of the current market, as with the help of Solar CRM Software, you can increase your sales and decrease your cost of sales generation by following ways...

◼️  Solar CRM Software will increase the performance of your salesperson by 37 %

◼️ You can handle and manage many leads with a minimum salesperson, which decreases your cost of conversion.

◼️ Marketing automation will do the follow-ups without the involvement of your salesperson, and reduce its cost.

◼️ Follow-up notification will never allow you to forget any follow-ups, will ultimately increase your sales conversion ratio by 28 %

◼️ You can track the performance of each marketing platform and campaign which helps you to plan your next marketing budget to get the maximum benefit of each penny spent on marketing.

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